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Hi. My name is Kaitlyn McNeil, but I go by Kait.

I’m a Canadian who married an American and we live in a very small town together, with our three beautiful kids. They are my greatest champions, and biggest fans!

MY LOVE FOR ART — It all started in 2016, with a random, “let’s have a paint night!" I knew nothing about how to paint or even what to paint. I sat at my tiny kitchen table and I found so much joy in expressing myself artistically, that I couldn't wait to pick up another canvas

FAST FORWARD TO 2022 — After selling a few paintings, and creating pieces for myself, and others. I knew that this is what I love doing. I believe everything is made beautiful in it’s time, and that I am here to surrender and create beautiful pieces of art.

CREATIVE PROCESS — I have always admired creativity and the Creator of it! There is an exhilaration to take a blank canvas and create an original piece. My creative process flows strongly through the worship music I listen to while I paint, and the inspiration of my artwork comes from nature, timeless designs and architecture. I love earthy tones and unique color palettes with soft moody undertones and textures.

MY PRAYER — Let every piece of art that leaves my hands bring life, purity, healing and beauty wherever it goes. Let it stand the test of time, so it may be loved for generations to come.

all to Jesus, amen.

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